Responsible Investment

At Linzor, we are committed to socially responsible investing as an integral part of our business model.

Environmental, social, and governance considerations of each investment are reviewed and documented during the initial investment decision process and revisited throughout the life of the investment.

We evaluate prospective investments using an ESG due diligence questionnaire to identify risks and opportunities within each company. The questionnaire includes 280 questions on a broad range of ESG issues, including but not limited to the topics mentioned below. The results of this review become a roadmap for initiatives to be promoted and implemented if the investment materializes. If significant red flags are found, we may choose to withdraw from the transaction.

As an active investor, we seek to instill the best practices in transparency, corporate responsibility, and ethics throughout our portfolio companies and funds. We also encourage management teams to identify and implement opportunities for further improvement in environmental, social, and governance aspects.

We are convinced that these practices mitigate risk and enhance the long-term value creation of our portfolio.


Read more about the Corporate Responsibility program at one of our portfolio companies. Case Study

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