How We Work

One of the distinguishing elements of our investment philosophy is our collaboration with industry experts and managers. We asked current and former executives who have worked with us to tell us about their experience. Their answers are below.

  • We have found at Linzor exactly what we expected: a world class experienced partner willing to go along with us the road to take our business to its next level.

    Ricardo Phillips

    CEO, Universidad Insurgentes

  • Working with Linzor has been a great experience. It is rewarding to know one is heard and to test one's ideas with very competent people who are always willing to help. Linzor forms excellent working teams that complement their own talents, allowing them to produce results above expectations and generate value both for shareholders and employees of their portfolio companies.

    Juan Pablo Loperena

    CEO, TIP

  • I believe they have a lot of value to add to any management team. Every day, when you need some experience, when you need some advice, or when you need some views on the future, they are the guys that can help you in making those decisions.

    Pablo Lundahl

    CEO – Pagnifique, Farmashop, Hoyts (Argentina )

  • I decided to work again with Linzor, in one word, because of their reliability. I trust them, they make the right analysis, they give me the right recommendations. There is an alignment of interest between the management team and Linzor investors – it’s a winning combination.

    Ernesto Moya

    Operating Partner and Execute Chairman - Engenium, TIP

  • Linzor has been a driver of our growth plan, has helped us get organized in many ways, and has established priorities.

    Carlos Cartoni

    Founder – Komax

  • I like Linzor's orientation towards results and speed of execution, as well as the human and professional quality of the professionals I interact with, both at the fund and at the portfolio company level.

    Martin Guerra

    Board Member - Farmashop

  • The integration of Linzor into our shareholder base has added soundness to the company.

    Aristides Benavente

    Founder – Komax

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