Cruz Blanca Salud

Investment Overview:


One of the largest healthcare conglomerates in Chile, formed through the consolidation of several companies operating in diverse segments of the healthcare industry, including Isapre Cruz Blanca, Integramédica, and three regional hospitals. By the time of Linzor’s final exit in 2012, the company had 590,000 health insurance clients, 366 hospital beds, and a network of 24 outpatient centers providing over five million health consultations and four million lab tests per year.

Cruz Blanca Salud S.A.

Country: Chile
Investment Date: January 2008
Fund: LCP I
Current Status: Realized

Case Study

  • Build a leading healthcare platform combining both insurance and healthcare providers, allowing for improved service and lower costs.
  • Capitalize on double-digit growth of the healthcare sector; rising per capita GDP; aging population; and increase in frequency usage
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