Investment Themes

Most of our investments fall into one or more of the following themes

Corporate orphans
Non-core assets of multinational companies and conglomerates with the potential to be divested at attractive valuations. In our experience, these companies tend to be undermanaged because they are typically not large enough to be strategic for their parent company and often do not fit within the strategy or goals of their parent organization.

Examples: Hoyts, Colfondos
Consolidation plays
Businesses that can be transformed into more valuable enterprises through mergers and acquisitions as well as organic growth, in order to gain scale, generate synergies, and drive efficiency.

Examples: Cruz Blanca Salud
Regional expansion
Companies with a solid competitive position in their home market and a proven business model that can be successfully replicated in other countries in the region.
Family businesses
At some point during their lifecycle, many family owned businesses tend to struggle with succession issues and the transition into professionally-run businesses. These companies tend to have less sophisticated financing and management compensation strategies, presenting significant opportunities to improve operations and financial performance.
Growth equity
Businesses that require growth capital to finance an aggressive expansion plan or a transformational event. Linzor can play a pivotal role in helping these companies execute their growth plan, while improving existing operations.
Rescue financings and distressed investments
Companies with strong market positions and healthy business operations undergoing a short-term liquidity crisis. Distressed investments typically involve companies experiencing severe dislocation resulting from shareholder or management conflicts, poor strategy, bad management or excessive leverage, among other reasons. In our experience, these transactions can provide opportunities for significant value realization from the turnaround.
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